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Ideation is part of human life and all its activity is guided by principles that form the basis of your personality, set of psychosocial and cultural factors that will shape the enterprise philosophy of the business it manages.


The Estofados Voltolini mission is to develop solutions for environments with quality furniture that has aesthetic value, comfort and satisfaction the needs of our customers.

Be seen as a company dedicated to a corporate culture that strives for excellence and people management operations, focusing on results.

The company seeks to base their activities on solid values​​, entrepreneurship, ethical behavior, social and environmental and responsibility, and commitment to safety and valuing people. 



The business activity relates to a range of factors involving the social environment, the preservation of nature, ethics and responsibility for the results of the acts that practice.

With the objective of strengthening the ties of friendship, work, entrepreneurship and commitment to future generations, Estofados Voltolini has a positioning that guides their existence in environments that transits.


We value our employees as our most important asset and principal investment company, maintaining a relationship with the same respect for individuality, but also looking at all the responsibility for the acts they practice.

The Estofados Voltolini offers opportunities for personal and professional growth for all employees, as well as political compensation and benefits, health and safety and quality of life.

The Estofados Voltolini concerned with the protection of human health, natural resources and the environment. Therefore, your business decisions take into account actions that aim to restore and preserve the environment, control the waste of materials and reduce pollutants, recycling materials at every stage of the production cycle of the product.

The wood used in our products are certified and come from reforestation areas, thereby contributing to the conservation of natural forests and their fauna.


The Estofados Voltolini seeks to understand customers' business as well as their own businesses in order to identify their needs and develop intelligent solutions for the success of your undertaking.


We seek to establish a lasting and mutual trust relationship with our customers, maintaining partnerships in product improvement and consumer satisfaction.


For Estofados Voltolini suppliers are key to that will achieve goals of quality, safety and excellence. Therefore, we seek to make partnership with suppliers that follow responsible practices towards people and the environment and have quality raw materials.


The Estofaddos Voltolini seeks to ensure the transparency of its business and the veracity of the information provided commercial, observing the necessary secrecy of confidential materials to employees, customers and suppliers.


Social Responsibility
The Estofados Voltolini is committed to being a responsible company in the communities in which it operates, seeking help local charities with donations. We also encourage our employees to exercise some volunteer work to benefit the community.


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